Sources- carcinogens can be inherited by our parents, while others could be caused by exposure of outside. Lifestyle if you exercise run and eat healthy, what lights use are exposed to (UV and random gases), medical treatment like drugs radiation, workplace exposures, household exposures and pollution.Carcinogens do not cause cancer all the time.Carcinogens is something chemical, radiation or UV lighting which can damage a cell.

Damages to body- It damages the genetic information of your DNA it chemicals destroys your DNA and if it can’t heal itself your DNA body will be altered.Carcinogens act as mutagens and they alter your DNA. Carcinogens are the main agents of the four most common cancer in the world, lung, breast, colon and stomach cancer.Carcinogens make it more likely for a damaged cell to turn into a cancer cell.With cancer in your body it can kill you or send you into intense pain with that you would need to have chemo which is radiation to kill the cancer cells in your body.

First Week Of High School

My first week of high school was amazing. It was fun and my teachers are amazing. I really enjoyed high school the middle school lied about it being hard it is very easy. I think that i’m going to have a fun time in high school and it will be a great experience in my life. The school is very small not as big as most high schools so I don’t have to walk around the halls as much lost looking for my classes.


Book Review


The book Swallowing Stones  keeps you on your edge of your seat. Every chapter has a new change in the plot line of the story. The Main story is in this little town on July 4. A bullet is fired in the air and lands in the head of a man whose daughter is watching him fix the roof ,and see him fall to the ground dead.Michael who were behind the gun and Joe who was watching him don’t know they ruined a family’s life. Jenna and her mom are dazed at the fact that her dad is not coming home. Jenna believes he will just walk through the door and come home. Michael and Joe now know they are the ones who fired the gun that killed a man.In a panic Michael hides the gun behind a stack of wood in his backyard. Michael soon has to break away from his girlfriend and all his friends because he is guilty and scared. Then the cops start questioning everyone at Michaels party of July 4.The cops find a bullet shell in the backyard  and then the finger is pointed to Michael and Joe.Michael throws Joe under the bus to take the blame. Some secrets get revealed by Amy that she saw Michael and Joe go back there to shoot the gun. Then Michael breaks down and does what he has to.  There are 4 main characters in this story. Jenna, Amy, Michael and Joe. The Book is called Swallowing Stones and I will rate this book and 9/10 because the ending is not the greatest and some other things in it but it is a great book.

About Me.

Hello, you may need to know a little more about me. I am 13 in the 8th grade and my name is Dylan, I will turn 14 in April . In my family is my mom , dad , 4 dogs , 2 rabbits , 2 birds ,a turtle , a lizard and 2 cats .I have a lot of animals. I live in a small town in East Texas . Some of my favorite things to do are : play football, play video games, watch Youtube , sleep and eat as well. Things I hate are the STAAR test and school. I have had this blog since the 5th grade and I think it is a fun thing to have. Anyways, I hope you enjoy my blog.