I wonder why ?

Have you ever wanted to know why cats love boxes so much,if you do then you came to the right place.One reason is because they like to call that their “house”. They are safe inside it and when we walk by they attack us,so watch your feet.Another reason is that it is like their liter box that they go in so they go in and look around in it am like laying in their so they hide. It is a safe place for the cats.


9/11 Firefighter
Heros are people that you look up too. Heroes save
lives. My heroes are the men and women of the New York
fire department on 9/11.
I think many of them are brave because they are
risking their life just to save lives and to get little to no
Firefighters are courageous because they are around fire
and if they go in a building, and not know what will happen
when they go in there.When they get a call, and will be the
ones that run toward the danger. I don’t understand these sentences.
The next thing firefighters do are safety awareness
programs for the people to learn about fire safety. They
often go to schools and businesses to tell them about fire
safety and that you should have more than 1 way out in
case of a fire they will tell anyone about fire safety.
Most of the firefighters in the United States are men or
women that will take time out of their day and not to get
payed to do their job, and would just do it because they
want to help out their community, and the residents of the
city or town they are at.Their are the reasons that firefights
are my heroes, and I will always look up to them.

Best Present I Gave

Christmas is a snowy, grateful time about giving-not receiving. What I gave was a colorful s’mores maker. When he was given the bright blue present, he did not know what it was. He opened it and was smiling because he loves s’mores. The s’mores maker was a plastic pot with a orange and red fire that looked like a campfire. When I saw the look on my older brother’s face, I got the feeling that I did something good and felt joy.