Sources- carcinogens can be inherited by our parents, while others could be caused by exposure of outside. Lifestyle if you exercise run and eat healthy, what lights use are exposed to (UV and random gases), medical treatment like drugs radiation, workplace exposures, household exposures and pollution.Carcinogens do not cause cancer all the time.Carcinogens is something chemical, radiation or UV lighting which can damage a cell.

Damages to body- It damages the genetic information of your DNA it chemicals destroys your DNA and if it can’t heal itself your DNA body will be altered.Carcinogens act as mutagens and they alter your DNA. Carcinogens are the main agents of the four most common cancer in the world, lung, breast, colon and stomach cancer.Carcinogens make it more likely for a damaged cell to turn into a cancer cell.With cancer in your body it can kill you or send you into intense pain with that you would need to have chemo which is radiation to kill the cancer cells in your body.

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